Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Real Techniques vs Sigma Bunny Collection Brush Kit

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set and Base Core Collection

If you watched any of my makeup tutorials on youtube, you'll know that I love my bunny collection brushes from They are so soft like my Ecotool brushes and they come in the cutest packaging ever! ^_^

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection Travel Size Brush Kit

I went to Walmart to do some shopping for home and somehow ended up in the makeup aisle... go figure. -_-"  I spotted the Real Technique Brushes for only $18.95 per kit.  I was excited to try these because I heard so many good things about them. The line was created by Samantha Chapman, a makeup artist as well as a beauty guru on youtube. Both the Sigma and RT brushes are made from synthetic/ cruelty-free taklon bristles.  I experienced no shedding with both brush kits.

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set
Left to right: deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, brow brush, and panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand ( I don't see myself ever using this but it would be nice if you don't have a brush holder or case)

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush 

I love the color and design of these eye brushes but unfortunately, I wasn't all too impressed with this particular kit. The Deluxe crease brush is nice but it's much too big for my lid space. This would actually work better to blend in concealer. The base shadow brush is too fluffy to pack on eyeshadow, in fact, it would work better for blending. I also find that the brow and eyeliner brush are too big for their intended use. Out of the entire kit, I would probably only use the deluxe crease brush and the base shadow brush.

Real Techniques Base Core Collection  
Left to right: contour brush, buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush, panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand 

I was far more impressed with the Base Core Collection; in fact, I can see myself using three out of the four brushes in this kit. The contour and buffing brush are just fantastic. I use them for power, blush, highlight, and contour. They aren't as dense as the Sigma Sigmax brushes but you really get your bang for your buck! When you break it down, these brushes cost under $5 each. The detailer brush is small but it's the perfect lip/spot concealer brush. The only one I didn't like was the pointed foundation brush. I was going to use this for concealer under the eyes but it was too scratchy and irritating. If you can see from the picture below, I compared it to the Sigma foundation brush. The Sigma brush is just smooth but the RT has tiny bristles sticking out on top which makes it scratchy. I also find that the Sigma talon fibers are a tad softer than the RT brushes.

So how do these RT brushes compare to my Sigma Bunny Collection brushes? It's hard to say. Both kits come with completely different brushes that serve different purposes but in terms of quality, I think the Sigma's synthetic brushes are softer. Although the Sigma Bunny collection costs 3x more, I use every single brush in that kit. If you're on a budget, the RT brush kits are great for the price!

Above: Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection Travel Size Brush Kit

Would you recommend RT brushes: Yes! If you love Ecotools brushes , you'll love RT because I find that their brushes are more for professionals. The Ecotool brushes are nice but a lot of them have very basic shapes for beginners. Real Technique brushes are affordable and better than the average "drugstore" brush kits. I can't say that I like them more than Sigma's bunny brushes but for the price, you're getting a good deal.

Canadians can get these brush kits at Walmart, Shoppers Drugmart, and London Drugs. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the individual brushes in stores but you can buy them online here.

Until next time, ciao bellas!



LittoMokaa said...

Thank you for the review/comparison! I was exactly debating between RT & Sigma! ;)

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Tifa said...

I got both these kits as well! I love them so far :)

Wengie said...

I love that outfit!!
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Amanda M said...

I might pick up BOTH of these RT brush packs as well! Thanks for all the great pics!

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in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

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BeautyBehaved said...

oh mann i was hoping the eye starter kit was better :/ but thanks so much for the review id much rather put money towards sigma and have an all over great brush set

xoxo BB

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Mai said...

Thank you for sharing this, i heard so much about these brushes need to check it out (:

CMPang x

Diana Horsfall said...

nice brushes


I've been debating between these two! Thank you for the review. It'll be a lot better if you compare them in detail though. But now I think I know which one is going to be mine! Hehe.

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very nice detailed makeup brushes review, it's a really helpful article here <3

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Kate Gene said...

Hey, Nee!

I have been using Sigma and EcoTools for years. I love them both! You're right; EcoTools is best for beginners, myself included! Sigma has a great variety, and have yet to let me down.

I was wondering how the R. T. brushes were as I am a huge fan of the Pixiwoo ladies. Thank you for the thorough review!


K Kayilo said...

Great post dear! Kisses x

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ss said...

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