Tuesday, May 18, 2010

REVIEW: B•liv by Cellnique Skincare Line

A few months ago, I was kindly asked to review B Liv (meant to be read as Believe) products by Cellnique. Cellnique Paramedical is a brand that has emerged as one of the problematic skin expert amongst the industry over the past 12 years in Asia. This company is based in Singapore but offer free worldwide shipping. You can buy their products online at sasa.com or on the official website: blivskin.com.

So anyways, I've already heard of the brand Cellnique through many beauty bloggers but  B•liv was new to me so I did a little bit of  research and discovered that it's a skin care line created by Cellnique. It used to be called Pro-Series but later the packaging changed and got labeled as B•liv to better cater to young people/teenagers. I love the packaging for all the products. The pumps are practical because it's sanitary and you can control the amount of product you want to dispense. I will only write about the products in brief so if you would like to know the ingredients for the products, please go to the website where it is listed. http://blivskin.com/en/home/index.php

BTW, Cellnique does not test on animals :) I've been using these products on and off for 3 months now. My intention was to use it religiously for a whole month but that was impossible for me to do because I have so many skin care goodies to play with!

My experience in brief. 

LEACH ME moisturizing mask
Price: USD 28
Size: 6pcs

Main functions: deep moisturizing + brightening + age preventing
I got one of these to try and let me tell you, it really hydrates my skin! Truth be told, this was the first paper mask I've tried so I wasn't expecting much from it but after feeling how soft my skin was, I was stoked! After removing it, my skin felt so supple and smooth. I didn't notice any brightening effect but I guess you have to use it often to see those kind of results.

DRENCH ME moisturizing cleanser
Price: USD 25
Size: 130ml

Main functions: cleansing + moisture-retaining

This gel cleanser makes for a nice morning facial cleanser. It gently removes my morning oils and wakes up my skin with it's fresh citrus scent.  My face doesn't feel tight or dry after using it. I don't recommend this product for removing makeup. It's not the best for that.


GLOW AND SHINE skin smoothening mask
Price: USD 25
Size: 50ml

Main functions: exfoliating + pores reducing + brightening

I use this once a week. It's very much like a clay mask. The first time I used it, I applied such a thick layer that it made my face extremely dry and tight. Afterward, I started using less of it and dryness was no longer an issue. The mask gave instant results! After washing it off my face, my skin looked brighter and smoother. I've been using this and the Shrink and Tighten serum and I can say that my pores have visibly reduced in size. This is me with the mask on! I use a very thin layer and I don't apply any to my forehead because I don't need it there :D On the right: after I wash my face. Click to enlarge.


SHRINK AND TIGHTEN pore reducing serum
Price: USD 49
Size: 30ml

Main functions: pore reducing + barrier repairing

This serum is formulated to reduce large pores. For the first month, I honestly didn't notice any changes in my pores. To my surprise, I noticed that some of the redness on my inner cheeks and around my nose have lessened. I went to the website and realized that it also contains Oleanolic Acid which have anti-inflammatory properties. The consistency is a runny gel. I put this on at night and it absorbs into my skin very quickly. I read the ingredients and noticed that it also contains Witch Hazel extract which is rather inexpensive (think Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner $5) but I love this stuff for it's ability to relieve and eliminate redness.

OFF WITH THOSE HEADS blackhead sebum gel
Price: USD 49
Size: 30ml

Main functions: clear blackheads + whiteheads

This serum dissolves blackheads. It is very similar to Shrink and Tighten but is a bit more thick in texture. It also contains Witch Hazel to shrink pores. One thing that differentiates this from Shrink and Tighten is that it contains Tee Tree Oil which have anti-septic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. I think $49 for 30 ml is a bit much but I only use a teeny bit of this (not even a full pump) and because of the watery consistency, it is very easy to distribute and can last forever! I only use this on my nose and I can say that it has kept the blackheads at bay. This is definitely a less painful alternative to nose strips but it does take a few weeks to notice results.

SUBMERGE ME moisturizing booster
Price: USD 49
Size: 45ml

Main functions: deep moisturizing + brightening + age preventing

This moisturizer is suppose to relieve parched dry skin but it is way too light to provide that kind of moisture. I have really dry skin and this did not do it for me. Instead, I think it would be ideal for people with oily/combination skin because it's light and fresh and absorbs readily into the skin upon contact. Since this lotion contains no SPF, I only use it at night as a night repair lotion! It contains plenty of ceramides which re-texturize the skin and prevents aging. And honestly, I think my skin look less saggy. The ingredients also lists other plant extracts that help brighten your skin as you sleep. I detest heavy night creams so this product is my current go-to night treatment. :)

I received Shield Me and Quench Me in small sample size amounts (one time use) so I am in no position to give a proper review. Under first impressions though, Shield Me sunblock doesn't contain any white cast and Quench Me is a really light gel that doesn't seem very moisturizing at all.

Consistency swatches:
1.Glow and Shine 2.Submerge Me 3.Shield Me 4.Drench Me 5.Quench Me 6.Shrink and Tighten 7.Off With Those Heads

Overall, I am quite pleased with the skin care products in this line. They are effective and cosmetically pleasing for my skin. I have sensitive skin and I didn't experience any negative reactions or break outs using these products. Some of the gels and lotions remind me of some stuff I used in the past by BIOTHERM. It's a Canadian brand that specializes in skin care and most of their products fall in the same price range as well.

When I was contacted, I was asked to give my skin type so that they can send me products to accommodate to my needs. My main concern was my dry skin and large pores so they sent the products accordingly. The only thing is, the products that were supposed to be super rich in emollients were not (i.e. Submerge Me, Quench Me). I guess it's humid in Asia and people there just don't get dry flaky skin like I do :(  Another drawback is the price. It's strange how these products are being catered to teenagers/ young adults because I can't see how a broke college student can afford this stuff... let alone a teenager! I'm sure there are other products that can deliver the same results. If you know of any, do share!

Until next time!
Ciao bellas!

DISCLAIMER: The B Liv products in this post was sent to me for review purposes. I am not compensated for writing a review for this company. My opinions are honest and based on first hand experience.