Tuesday, April 27, 2010

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette & Single Eyeshadow Swatches

I heard about these new eyeshadow palettes from my lovely April. She made a video review on them here. My initial thought was: $4.99 for a Wet n Wild eyeshadow?! That's almost the same price as Maybelline!  I remember the days when all Wet N Wild  products were 99 cents! Well now that the makeup industry is booming, almost every drugstore makeup brand is stepping up their game.

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. Sorry if the pictures are a bit sporadic, I purchased these products on separate occasions.

L-R: Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Eyeshadow Pencil 130 Pixie, Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Eyeshadow Nutty, Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Vanity.

On the left is Nutty which is a unique brownish taupe color with silver sheen... I don't own anything like this. Very nice and pigmented and glides on my lids effortlessly. LOVES!  To the right is the Pixie pencil which looks like a shimmery beige in the packaging. When swatched it appears to be nothing but silver shimmer! I was a bit disappointed with this one.

Swatches of the Vanity palette with no base/primer. These babies are crazy pigmented. What's nice about these palettes is that 3 colors are matte and 3 colors are shimmery so you get the best of both worlds. The matte eyeshadow here are perfect for daytime and the shimmery ones can be used to achieve a bronzed or golden look.

L-R: Lust and Greed. I've also heard that some of the colors in these palettes are MAC eyeshadow dupes.. I wouldn't know because I don't own MAC shadows. Can you spot any???

Lust is the most popular palette because it's always sold out at my local Walmart. It consists of dark plums and charcoal which is perfect for smokey eyes.

Out of all the palettes, Greed let me down. It looks the prettiest in the pan and gorgeous when swatched. However, the beautiful shimmery light pink and lavender does not show up on my lids. I tried using a white base underneath but to no avail as the colors just turn out murky. I'm sure this will show up on the fair skin gals though.

Overview on the eyeshadows based on my personal opinions.

- Highly Pigmented
- Vivid colors
- Silky smooth upon application.. just spread it like butter!
- Able to use without primer
- No creasing (on my lids anyways)
- Inexpensive ($4.99-$5.99 so works out to be $1/eyeshadow)
- Wearable Colors
- Nice Variety to fit peoples' preferences.  (i.e.Vanity is more on the warm side while Greed is more on the cool side.)

- Matte colors are really powdery but they really stick to your lids
- Hit or miss with some colors which is usually the case with most palettes anyways (BTW, I'm only referring to the Greed Palette)
- Cheap and unattractive packaging
- Eyeshadow applicators it comes with is garbage, especially the wonky eyeshadow brush... what were these people thinking?

Either way, these new Wet N Wild Eyeshadows are a win for me and I plan to do some tutorials on them soon. Until next time! Ciao!


- susy - said...

excellent review Nee! i always see these but haven't dared to try. i'm skeptical of drugstore brand cosmetics most of the time until i read more reviews.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nice,the dark shades are pretty,the lavander looks sheer though.

dblchin said...

The clrs are fairly pigmented! Too bad we don't have lush in singapore.

e.motion in motion said...

Thanks for the review/swatches! I'll have to look out for these next time I'm shopping ^^ Too bad some of the shades are not as good but yep I guess that's how it is w/ any palette :P

Anonymous said...

OMG, I totally agree. I bought Greed too, for the same reason, it LOOKS SOOOO GORGEOUS. Boy, was I wrong! It looked muddy on my eyelids! I thought I was the only one! I'm glad you did this review, now I don't feel like I'm crazy.

Love your blog! Can't wait for more reviews!

styleganji said...

ooo i love the swatches! i might go buy a few tehe

tramstabalaboopy said...

I loveeeee your blog Nee :] So I gave you a blog award :$


with lots of love,

Adeline said...

SOLD!!! I have been contemplating to get them for the longest time. Looks like its time to do some damage to the bank account. :)

ps: I love all your reviews :)


Anonymous said...

Wow these shadows look crazy pigmented hon! I've heard so many rave reviews about these palettes, it's probably about time I picked one of these babies up haha =) Thanks for sharing!!


hannahh♥s said...

too bad the Greed palette isn't as pretty on the eyes. But in the Lust palette, looks like the dark purple, almost black/dark grey could pass for MAC's sketch. except MAC's sketch has a more dark purple tinge. and the whiter colors can be used as MAC's schroom or avalanche.
great haul btw. i think i want to pick up Lust if i ever get the chance! ( :

siwing said...

lol kinda looks like MAC's holiday palettes..

Tash said...

Ouu I love that first Nutty one. I don't know if I can get Wet n Wild make up here in England though? :( I've never really tried using Matte shadows (yet!) they seem kind of scary lol Idk why. I'm new to eyeshadow and I find shimmery ones a lot easier to use/not look muddy and shit on me.

Tina-Bobeena said...

oo thanks for the review!!!! i was eyeing them at my local grocers for 2.99 per pallet!!!! crazy huh? well, it's very tempting but my e/s collection is piling up! LOL t/c!

KasadiaIsBeauty said...

I love the shadow stick in Pixie! It luminates my eyeshadow.

Glamourous said...

Thanks Nee for your comprehensive review.
I figured that you also live in Vancouver, do you know where to get the palette? I checked everywhere with wet n wild shelf but I could not find any that sells the palette!

puteri87 said...

Hye Nee..

I love all your review about the makeup that you have...i really want to have the wet n wild pallete too (vanity and lust) after i watched this review and also your tutorial videos..but i cant find here in Malaysia..Poor me..

Anyway i really enjoyed your videos on YOUTUBE and also your blog..hehe

Feel free to see my blog too: http://sayasukamekap.blogspot.com

Please do more makeup tutorials..hehe

xoxo (^__________^)

thismakeupgirl said...

ooh I love these! But I understand what you are saying about the peach palette. I don't even see how you got swatches of them! (I have really pale skin and they do NOT show up!) The other two palettes are my favorites, and I love the nutty eyeshadow. Oh, and I love the pixie pencil, because I use it as an eye base. It adds shimmer and makes my eyeshadows show up better!

DarcyWong said...

I own this! It's really great..