Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review & Swatches: NYX Rouge Cream Blushes

NYX Rouge Cream Blush

The Claim: "NYX Rouge cream blush offers radiant, long-lasting color in the form of velvety smooth cream. Infused with mineral oils, this blush is creamy in texture and provides a dewy glow for natural, fresh color."

Overall: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: $4.75 - $6.99 (cheapest I've seen on
Size/Weight: .19 OZ 5.3 g
Would you buy this again? only some shades.

Pros: These cream blushes are buttery smooth, very pigmented, non-sticky, easy to blend, and long lasting. The formula is wet upon application but dries to a matte finish. You could even wear this underneath your desired powder blush to increase the staying power.

Cons: Unfortunately, the main ingredient is mineral oil so this is not something I'd wear everyday. I have normal to dry skin and this hasn't caused me to break out. I'm not sure if this will be good for people with oily skin as it might clog pores.

Hot Pink
Color: Bright Barbie pink. Cool-toned. Matte.
Thoughts: This color is intensely pigmented. You only need to stipple a little on your cheeks to give yourself a bubblegum pink flush. I wore it once and it lasted all day! However, when I tried washing it off, it left a stain on my cheeks (I wore it on top of my moisturizer, sans foundation). This is the only color that left a stain. The others came off with soap and water.

Color: Rosy pink with a hint of coral. Matte.
Thoughts: Out of all the blushes, glow left the most natural pink flush on my cheeks. This color is also bright so a little bit goes a long way.

Color: Neutral pale pink. Matte.
Thoughts: Natural, as the name suggests, is quite natural. On my medium olive-toned skin, this color is really subtle and definitely not as bright as the colors above. When I wear this blush, it makes me look kind of pale. I think this is a nice color for fairer skin tones.

Color: Muted Beige, almost peachy. Golden shimmers.
Thoughts: I was contemplating whether to get this or Boho Chic. I ended up picking Golden because Boho chic had silver shimmers in it which would clash with my warm skin tone. The shimmer in this blush is obvious on my cheeks so if you don't like shimmer, stay away! I love the color when swatched but when blended, all I see are shimmers with a tiny hint of peach. This one would be good if I was going for the beachy bronze makeup look.

Color comparison: Hot Pink and Glow

Color comparison: Natural and Golden

Swatches (once blended, they look more natural)
From left to right: Hot Pink, Glow, Natural, Golden

I recommend applying your cream blushes with a duo fibre brush because they are really pigmented and wet. I used my fingers the first time around and it was a bit messy and blotchy.

Above: Applying NYX cream blush in Natural with my Sigma Duo Fibre Blush Brush F15
 Stipple it on and I blend away!

All in all, I'm quite pleased with these cream blushes and I actually like them better than my NYC Blushable Creme Sticks.  My favourites out of the bunch are Glow and Natural. Have you tried NYX cream blushes? What are your favourite shades? Let me know!

Until later, ciao bellas!


Ke said...

i love the natural nyx creme blush, i wear it almost daily alternating with my nars orgasm. i've found that using the elf powder brush works REALLY well with the nyx creme blushes :) thanks for the post!

Beauty Writer said...

Great post! I really want to try these :)

mizzsandychau said...

ooo golden is such a pretty color!

Stefy said...

ive got my eyes on glow and natural! such pretty shades!
Stefy x

Ayu~Emma said...

Nice post~Natural and Glow look pretty ^^

BlushWhore said...

cool! Gonna get some now.

Justine (Productrater) said...

I like these a lot, although I picked up "orange" and it's not orange at all, more of a red, so that was a bust.

mimi said...

I really like natural!! but im scared of cream blushes because I tend to apply too much X= hahaha~

Voe said...

Oh, those blushes look divine. I much prefer cream blush to powder.

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I wanted to quickly take the time to let you know that I have recently started a new blog. Using my knowledge as a biomedical scientist, I aim to expose the truth about beauty whilst presenting readers with tips and advice on how they can derive their own, natural beauty products. I hope I will see you there.

All the best,

Dyna said...

Thanks for the reviews xD You should try these on your lips, I have orange and hot pink and they look gorgeous xD

Xuan said...

I own both natural and Glow and they are both soo pretty! The only down side to this is that its really heavy! But the colour paypoff is really great!!!

♥ Natalie said...

Ohhh~ I love Natural and Golden! *__* They look great!

Anonymous said...

im definitely getting some of these!
nice post.

Jean said...

Thanks for this lovely post! I have never used cream blushes before and these seem great to start out with! <3

JC! :) said...

Very pretty! They look so nice applied with the 187. If my oily (:() skin could handle creams, I would purchase.

Nikki said...

I really want to try these! They look so pretty :)

Ayu Anggraini Kusumaningrum said...

I really want to try!