Sunday, April 10, 2011

Makeup Storage and Collection Video

My makeup storage video is finally up :D


Jean said...

What a nice video! it gave me many ideas for storing my makeup! Now I wanna go makeup shopping!! lol <3

LieLie said...

In response to your Crest White Strips...

If you brush for about two weeks prior to use with Sensodyne or any brand of toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you should get less sensitivity from the strips. I would continue to brush with the toothpaste even after treatment. If it still occurs, stop for a day or two and begin again when the sensitivity subsides.

I have extremely sensitive teeth and the strips or any bleaching methods are unkind to me as well. Plus I work in a dental office so I thought I'd share some tips seeing how you share plenty of makeup/hair tips with me.

Happy whitening!


Katrina said...

Thanks for sharing!
Makes me wanna go shop for makeups again! haha.

Adria said...

I love seeing other people's makeup storage collections. It makes me want to organize all of my stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Adele_Love said...

I'm having a blog giveaway!


Serey said...

In all honesty, your my role model! :D
Though I do have a question.
Are your contacts circle lenses? Do you only wear circle lenses? And how often do you wear them?
Just asking. Sorry for so many question. >.<