Monday, December 21, 2009

REVIEW: Maybelline EyeStudio Color Pearls Marbleized Duo Eyeshadow

Left to right: Lawless Lavender, Bronze Blowout, Carbon Frost

Overall: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: $8 CAD
Size/Weight: .09 OZ 2.5 g
Would you buy this again? Sure, why not?

I won't bother writing too much here because you can watch my YouTube review on this product. Here are the swatches applied dry without any primer or base. They are really pigmented from the oils on my fingers but when you use this with an eyeshadow brush, get ready for fall out and glitter face! These are like baked mineralized eyeshadows which is neat! I use these wet to intensify the colors and I really love the results. Like the Maybelline Eyestudio Diamond Quads, these colors offer a shimmery and glistening look which is wonderful for the holidays! In the video, I mentioned that I didn't really like Lawless Lavender because it was too light for me but now it has grown on me and I quite like it! (I filmed the video last week.)

On a different note, I just read that Brittany Murphy died from cardiac arrest yesterday. So sad... it's almost Christmas too. :( My heart goes out to her family. RIP.


April said...

Nee you are soo hilariously funny! I was commenting on your youtube, but it is not showing up, but I saw your side bar and it said you weren't scandalous and naked. LOL! You are soo funny to put that! I love your videos and blog so much! You are so fabulous! :)

Anna said...

Oo they seem pretty cool .
I wish drugstore brands over here would release the stuff that the US has D;
I've never even seen these over here, same for the loreal HIP line.

And yes, it's sad about Brittany Murphy, she was so young too );

Kate Gene said...

OMG! YOU'RE NAKED! Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

I heard about Brittany, too. She was so young! How tragic. It makes me think about what's really important. I'm going to give my family extra hugs when I see them this Christmas. :)

Do you still think the other Maybelline shadows are better? The ones you compared the marbleized duos to?

KimWen said...

awesome review!! tank tops do sometimes make you look like your naked in some angles. i got the quad but not the mineral one but if i get it i'll probably get the bronze one.

Dina (XYYan) said...

great review! they sound awesome and very affordable. i wonder if they'll be available at here.

amynaree said...

Hi Nee!

these remind me of mac mineralized eyeshadows but for a fraction of the price! all the colors look gorgeous and super pigmented, I never really tried applying eyeshadows wet but I will have to do some experimentation now!

ashnickers said...

omgosh, you are making it so hard for me to stick with my no makeup plan til my bday (end of feb) ... If I see these at the drugstore/walmart they will be in my cart in a matter of seconds - I think I might be safe though, don't think they have come to the U.S. yet

xphoebelinax said...

they eyeshadows look fabulously pigmented! thanks for the swatches doll :)

and yeah, the brittany murphy thing was such a shock i totally didn't believe it :| so sad.. R.I.P

Liana said...

ooh these look so pretty! definitely gonna have to check them out!

Samantha said...

Hey Nee!

I nominated you for an award on my blog.. check it out hun! <3

elaiNe said...

I tried looking for these maybelline shadows at walmart but no luck :(

michelle said...

late but where did you buy these for $8?