Monday, November 2, 2009

Annabelle Super Nova Winter Collection + Gosh Darling Lipstick

Annabelle is a makeup brand based in Canada. It's sold at many drugstores and comes with an affordable price tag. One thing that distinguishes Annabelle from the other drugstore brand is its pretty and professional packaging. The single eyeshadow looks like MAC's exactly. Quality and pigmentation is good as well!

I finally picked up their custom quad eyeshadows a few days ago and I must say, I'm quite pleased with the texture and color payoff.. really smooth and pigmented for $3! I got it on sale, reg is $4-$5 which is still cheap!!! Here I am putting them into my palette! I found it in the house so it must belong to one of my sisters but it's mine now! muahahaha

Annabelle also comes up with limited edition products every season which is great and I always get at least one thing from the line. This Winter, they launched their Super Nova Collection which includes 3 dome eyeshadow trios, glitter eyeliners, glitter dust, striped highlighter, and a pinky nude lipgloss. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart two weeks ago and picked up 2 eyeshadow trios because they really caught my eyes! The consistency is exactly like MAC's mineralized duo eyeshadow (I own Engaging and compared). Here are the swatches applied dried, you can imagine how vibrant it'd be if applied wet. I think they are baked and mineralized but don't quote me on that.

I love Bling Blang (lilac, lime green, pastel blue) the most even though the colors are more reminiscent of Easter and Moon Illusion (white, cream, black) is really pretty and versatile too. The other trio was Blue Nebula (grey, charcoal, navy blue) but I don't wear enough blue to care for that one.

And lastly, I picked up Gosh's Velvet Touch lipstick in Darling 134. Very moisturizing, nice smell, pretty light nude color with pink undertones. I wouldn't wear this lipstick on it's own though because it is really pale. Top it off with a light pink lipsgloss and you're good to go! :) I've been wearing it since I got it! can't get enough!
On a different, I came home yesterday and found out that I won the DSK Jewelry Lottery for the month of October! WOWWEEE! I am so stoked!! hehe For those of you who don't know, Steph (the brains behind DSK Jewelry) is a girl who makes swarovski crystal jewelry and sells them online. Popular gurus on youtube such as Bubz and Holly sport her intricate pieces... and now I win some moon pendants! So happy! Please check out her site and follow her for the chance to win next month's lottery! It could be YOU!


amynaree said...

great stuff! annabelle e/s really looks nice and pigmented and a steal for only $3!

gosh darling looks like a pretty color, too bad we don't have both brands here in the US!

LOLanne said...

ooooh i love the bling blang and moon illusion :)
havent tried any of annabelle's e/s... for some reason i thought they were priced at $8 each lol. will definitely check these out this weekend :)

ooooh you got gosh's darling!! ive been looking all over for those (well not really, just went to a shopper's once and asked for that lol). apparently they only stock these at select shoppers locations.

if you have the time, can you post the ingredient list for the darling lipstick? ^^ i'm highly allergic to candelilla wax (aka euphorbia cerifera) which is common in most lip products :(


KimWen said...

ooo..the supernova collection is really pretty. need to go check this out when i head to the mall this week!

Anonymous said...

ooooo....wasnt sure if annabelle single shadow pans were good, thanks for sharing, now i know:) gonna go check that out!

alittlebitofevrything said...

is the annabelle makeup line available in the US or only in canada? it looks gorgeous (and affordable)!

lovely blog :)

nee said...

amynaree: thanks! the shadows are really nice but you guys got a lot of cool stuff too that we don't have ^_^

LOLanne: I see Gosh's darling at almost every shoppers drug mart and they always have it in stock (probably because at $15 a pop, people would rather get a MAC lipstick) but I had bonus cash on my shoppers optimum card ^_^ so it was like free! Gosh's lipstick contains canuba wax but not the one you mentioned :)
btw, i didn't you you were Canadian! yay!

kimwen and jess: hurry! last time I checked, bling blang was sold out!

alittlebitofevrything: I think Gosh is available in Canada and England. It is a Denmark based company.

nee said...

LOLanne: carnauba wax.. i can't spell >_<

Anna said...

wow, those eyeshadows look really nice quality considering the price !
i wish we had it in the UK D:

i actually found gosh darling kinda drying x_x
but i like it anyways :3

April said...

I soo want to go to Canada just for Annabelle lipsticks. Hehehe! I think you could be a DSK model too you are soo pretty--it was meant to be you won! I asked Steph a while back in the summer if I could be her model, but I haven't turned in a photo for her because I haven't had a photoshoot in a while.

jewels said...

i was wondering if you did a post of the custom quad swatches for Annabelle?

Anonymous said...

I was a bit afraid to use Anabelle eyeshadows...may be I should try it...